Student recruitment digital campaign

Lead Designer and Creative Strategist

The higher-ed landscape is more competitive than ever—and that was before we hit a global pandemic. With concerns about a large enrollment shift on the horizon, the team needed to take a new approach to telling IU’s story.


First, we needed to identify what’s unique about the campus. What are the things that only IU Bloomington can tout? What is our secret sauce? After months of talking to students and assessing market trends, we established a visual concept that broke out of the sea-of-sameness among higher-ed institutions and spoke directly to what our audience (Gen Z) care about most.


The project includes digital and social ads that point to campaign-specific landing pages. Once there, users can dive deeper into student stories, degree offerings and fill out an RFI form to stay in connection with IU.


A visual system to guide us

With such a massive marketing buy, we found it essential to put some borders in place. We created a guide for the team to reference throughout production—keeping our voice and tone focused and consistent across each facet of the campaign. 

Meeting our audience where they are


With ads across social, Spotify, Google search, and display, we saturated the marketplace to meet potential prospective students across the platforms they frequent most.