Website redesign

Lead Designer and Art Director

The team at IUSO came to us facing several challenges with their existing site. In addition to an out-of-date, unresponsive design, they had an unnecessarily complex and repetitive site structure. To make for a better user experience, we looked into what exactly visitors were coming to the site for and the actions they were looking to take.

The project included a website redesign and custom photography.


Storytelling front and center


Their old website had mostly transactional language. We knew we needed to add the human element back into their site and their story. By showcasing groundbreaking research and student successes, users gain an inside look into life at IUSO.

A sense of place


Much like the content, the old site had little photography that captured the vibe of IUSO. Custom photography became a key element in capturing the spirit, community, and day-to-day life at the school.


Information specific to your needs


The website had two key audiences to keep in mind; prospective students and patients. Their comprehensive clinic allows patients to schedule several different appointment types based on their needs. To help patients know which is right for them, we created an interactive questionnaire.